Every IT system or network setup differs from the next, therefore having the ability to call upon a reliable and knowledgeable IT Support company is essential for every business. Many small to medium sized business don’t have an onsite IT resource therefore they rely upon IT Support whenever a system issue or problem occurs.

Having access to a team of specialists who can offer sound advice or recommendations based on their experience can be a real asset for any company, and BHP IT are ideally placed to offer this.

BHP IT place a great emphasis on keeping their IT Support team and Engineers fully qualified and up to date with the latest technologies and take pleasure in encouraging them to pass this knowledge and experience onto valued customers.

Diagnosing a support issue is often easier when you can see what is happening on screen, therefore using our Remote Support tool, BHP IT helpdesk can see exactly what you are seeing which helps to understand and fix the problem. The screen sharing software not only allows the helpdesk to logon to a client PC, Laptop or SERVER remotely, but means they can also assist in showing the end user why it happened and how to fix it should it re-occur, making it a valuable support and training tool.

For more information about the IT Support we offer please call us on 0114 275 7550 or fill in the contact form.

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For more information about our IT Support please contact us.


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